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According to the article. 3 - subparagraph c - of the Regional Law n. 33 of 2002, the Province of Treviso has the power to "information, reception, tour assistance and promotion of individual locations,  made in the area of the Regione Veneto. The promotion of the individual locations is functional to the activity of information, reception and assistance to tourists. "
According to the article 7 of the same regional law, in order to promote the local tourist system, Regione Veneto encourages and promotes the development of tourism promotion, structuring in associated shape and involving  may involve companies and individuals interested in the field of tourism industry, for each territorial area,  i.e. contributing members, chambers of Commerce, of Iindustry,  of Craft and Agriculture, (.....), consortia between local associations, public administrations,  non-profit associations with tourist purposes. In provincia di Treviso operates the Consorzio di Promozione Turistica MarcaTreviso
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