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Conegliano, as it is known today, was born in the 12th century, when a group of noble families organized to create a regional government around nearby fortification, with the consequent formation of a village. The castle has always remained the centre of power, whether it be civic (with the main office of the top state-officials) or religious (with a connection to Saint Leonardo).
The castle, known as Castello, is reduced today to a single tower and now houses the public museum. Here you can see the works by such painters as Palma il Giovane and Pordenone and also the remains from Ancient Rome found in the area of Conegliano. Castello is located along the Via XX Settembre, where you can also find such sites as Villa Gera.
Every year in June, there is a reenactment of a play called “Dama Castellana” (Dame of the Castle) in the heart of Conegliano. This play features actors dressed in authentic Renaissance costumes and was started several years ago to honor the famous traditions of that time period. In September, the city's most important locations host the Enodama; a poker tournament in which the pieces are replaced by glasses of white or red wine. The purpose of Enodama is to promote socialization among the citizens and showcase the local products.
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Info: Municipality of Conegliano  Comune di Conegliano
Photo: La Marca del 2000 Galifi


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