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Although Montebelluna is a very modern area, with global centres for mountain-climbing shoes and other apparel, it also maintains its ancient origins, as shown by the discovery of the Ancient Venetian (Paleoveneto) necropolis just north. The name of Montebelluna translates literally from its Latin name “Mons Bellonae”.
Going up the long Via Vittoria from the central Piazza Garibaldi, you are taken toward what was the ancient nucleus for housing. Nearby is the 16th century Villa Binetti-Zuccareda, which now includes a museum of boots and sports shoes. From there, with the panorama of the modern houses to the side, you can follow the path to the convent of Santa Maria of the Colle, built in 1613. Continuing, in the piazza of Mercato Vecchio, there is the tower of the Ducali (1593), where the city officials once decreed the city's taxes from the 9th century all the way until 1872.
From the Piazza Garibaldi, you can also follow Via Mazzini to the left and reach the 17th century Villa Mocenigo and eventually Villa Biagi. Villa Biagi is now home to theMuseum of Natural Sciences, which features archaeological findings from Ancient Veneto (VII-VI centuries BC) and Ancient Rome (VI century BC – 5th century AD) . Continuing along the path, you finally reach the Neo-Gothic Duomo (1908), whose massive structure stands out in the heart of the city. 
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Info: Municipality of Montebelluna


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