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A town with ancient origins, started as a housing area for the ancient Venetians, Oderzo became an important location with the construction of the Via Postumia. Already in the 1st century AD, the Roman city “Opitergium” had grown beyond the Livenza river and, in the Augustan era, was given a forum, church and a track.
The strategic position also made the city very vulnerable to raids, the last of which was in 453 by Atilla and his Huns. In the 13th century, having regained its market, a city wall was constructed. Although eventually torn down as the town grew, the wall helped to defend from attacks.
The central piazza of Vittorio Emanuele II, with the Monticano river to the north, is decorated at the with porticoes and frescoes. The late-Gothic cathedral here presents a Renaissance-styled gate and a Gothic bell-tower that reuses one of the towers from the original city wall. On the inside there is a single nave with an elevated altar decorated with works of art by Pomponio Amalteo and Palmo il Giovane.
There have been several findings here that date back to Ancient Rome, mainly along the Via Mazzini, including such artefacts as remains from the Roman forum, basilica and houses. Eno Bellis, the public museum here, has one of the most important ancient collections in the Veneto region and features many carved stones used in burial rituals, as well as mosaics of hunting scenes that date back to the third and fourth centuries AD.
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