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In spite of its small dimensions, Portobuffolè is an authentic jewel from historical and artistic points of view. The name most likely derives from the name of a 4th-century castle, Castellarium Portus Buvoledi.
In the late-Medieval times, Portobuffolè grew progressively more important. One event that particularly helped this rise to importance came in 1307 when Gaia da Camino (1270-1311), the daughter of Lord Gherardo of Treviso (who was mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy), became the owner of the town after receiving it as a wedding-gift from her husband Tolberto.
Even Portobuffolè is the smallest town in Treviso both in terms of size and population, it has been home to the Italian Touring Club since 2001. Some of the sites to see here include the former house of Gaia da Camino (today a cycling museum called “Alto Livenza”), the Fruili Gate and the cathedral of Portobuffolè, once a synagogue. 
Source: Municipality of Portobuffolè


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