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Possagno is famous for being the birthplace of Antonio Canova, Europe’s most celebrated sculptor. One of the town’s most tangible memories linked to the sculptor is the construction of ‘the Canovian Temple’, a church that the master designed, inspired by Rome’s Pantheon. The ‘Gipsoteca Canoviana’ is also noteworthy; this extraordinary gipsothèque collection of cast plaster and gesso works is hosted at the artist’s home.
Possagno played a significant role during national reconstruction, thanks to the presence of its furnaces. Taking advantage of the clay that abounded in the nearby hills, Possagno was able to produce tiles for the whole of Italy, exporting 80% of its production. Although these furnaces attracted economic resources, Possgno did not lose its country-style identity; you’ll find small churches in each of its tiny districts. The Cavanis Fathers found their school in Possagno precisely during this period.
Originally designed as a school for poor children, Cavanis currently educates elementary and middle school students and hosts four different types of secondary schools. It is considered one of the most important private schools in the area.
One of the saddest vicissitudes in Possagno’s history is linked to the battles that ravaged the territory during the 1900s. During World War I, the Italian line was located in the area surrounding Possagno. On November 5, 1925, its citizens placed a large cross just south of Monte Pallon to commemorate all those who had lost their lives during the Great War. Since then, this symbolic structure continues to overlook the town.
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Photos: APT – FAST – Treviso Historical Photo Archive


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