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The settlement of Arcade dates back to ancient times, as attested for by the archaeological findings from Ancient Rome found in several parts of territory. During Roman times, this area was named Arcade after the arches built on the nearby Piave banks. Arcade was later part of the noble Collalto family’s estate between the 12th and 16thcenturies. After becoming a part of the Venetian Republic, as nearly the entire province of Treviso did, Arcade entered into a period of economic growth in which it became a popular holiday destination for Venetian nobilities.
The gorgeous landscape of this town as well as its location in a spot equidistant from several big cities (Treviso, Montebelluna and Conegliano) has made Arcade the home to many important families throughout history. These important families’ villas, including Villa della Zonca, Villa Barnabò and Villa Sugana, still serve as intact evidence of their presence here and also add to the beauty of the area.
Info: Municipality of Arcade Comune di Arcade
Photo: Municipality of Arcade


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