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Caerano di San Marco
Caerano di San Marco

Just like Montebelluna, Caerano di San Marco was once a signoria (Medieval city-state) of the Ezzelini family and was the site of the family's rise to power in the 13thcentury. In the 14th century, the area became the property of the Scaligeri family and then eventually came under the rule of the Republic of Venice. The presence of theVenetian Republic was not welcomed, however, by those in Montebelluna's castles and villas and these resentments led to them rebelling in 1356. 

Caerano di San Marco is now quite a modern town and is home to the internationally famous sport shoe-companies Diadora, Sanremo and Sanmarco.

Today, there are few remnants from the Ancient Venetians or from the other ancient population who likely lived nearby in Montebelluna. There is also a few artefacts and areas that date back to the times of Ancient Rome.


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