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Cappella Maggiore
Cappella Maggiore received its name from the ancient church, “Capella Campestris”, the first ancient on record that is dedicated to the Holy Trinity of the Catholic Arimanni, the Longobard warriors.
The town has a particular urban configuration with a spacious, bright centre, surrounded by houses with a style echoing the late-17th century style. This civic centre is considered the centre of six different villages and also connects Cappella Maggiore to the area known as Anzano through the large villa of San Apollonia.
These civic centres cover a very hilly landscape that is distinctive and picturesque. Cappella Maggiore, with its strategic position in the countryside of the Cansiglio hills, was extensively involved in World War I, with the presence of Austrian troops after the defeat of Caporetto, as well as in World War II, with the battles in the mountains against the oncoming troops. As a symbol of the brutality of the surrounding wars, there is monument in the piazza Vittorio Veneto commemorating the brutal assassination in 1945 of a priest Don Brescacin at the hands of a local fascist.
Info: Municipality of Cappella Maggiore


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