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Casale sul Sile
Casale sul Sile is an agricultural center located on the left bank of the river Sile, from which it takes its name.
A first centre of the town was erected in the middle ages around the Castle Square. This castle was equipped with a tower, that the da Camino family, the lords of Trevisoat the time, used during the fights against the Venetians. The fortress was located in a strategic position: on the right bank of the river Sile, it could be used to monitor their paths. Later the Carraresi enlarged the castle by adding a second tower, which still stands. The Castle (unlike many others which were destroyed by the Venetians) was restored in 1418 by Guido Canal and was converted into a country cottage. In the 19th century what remained of the structure was destroyed during battles and reconstructions. Now the Torre dei Carraresi has been recently restored (under Tonolo property) and is inserted in a private park and is perfectly maintained.
Near Casale, numerous villas were built by Venetian patricians. Among these, the best to visit include Villa Cornaro-Gabbianelli (15th century), Villa Mantovani-Orsetti, Villa Canossa (17th century), Villa Bembo-Caliari (pre-17th century).
Info: Municipality of Casale sul Sile
Photo: Municipality of Casale sul Sile


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