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The derivation of the name Cessalto comes from either of two Latin expressions Caesus Saltus (cut wood) and Cessus Saltus (remote forest). Which one is truly the source may never be known but, either way, this area has clearly been in close contact with the surrounding forests all the way back to Prehistory.
The remains uncovered here are important in showing the presence of the Ancient Roman civilization. These unearthed remains consist of several documentations, among which an incredibly rare funerary document, today on display at the entrance of the municipal building.
The Piavon river, an ancient branch of the Piave river, became a flowing river again thanks to the Da Camino family, the powerful lords who ruled over the local political scene from 1100 until the late 14th century. The Piavon runs across the entire town, slowly flowing in a riverbed protected by the still-present vegetation of the area, in the form of sambuchi, willow, poplar and Acacia trees.
Source: Municipality of Cessalto


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