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The history of Chiarano goes through several distinct time periods: the area was first settled in the Palaeolithic Era by groups traveling up the Piave; for the Ancient Venetians, it was an important trade-post perfectly situated along the river; the Ancient Romans utilized the area as a place for noble families to live; the area was largely destroyed in Medieval times and then eventually reborn as an important town for the Venetian Republic. Ever since the town came under the rule of the Venetian Republic, Chiarano has remained the breathtakingly beautiful area we see today. There are still numerous remnants from these various historic periods of Chiarano that are on display in nearby museums.The town is well-known for the splendid and ancient villas built primarily by the noble Zeno and Benzon families. There is also a majestic church of San Bartolomeo the Apostle that features an immense, beautifully restored Callido organ.Info: Municipality of Chiarano 


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