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Cison di Valmarino
Cison di Valmarino is a centre of ancient tradition situated on the Via Vallata, near the Belluno Prealps. The area was settled in ancient times, when it was simply known as Valmarena, and was eventually an important post for the Venetian Republic with the construction of Castello dei Brandolini in 1194.
The 18th-century Church in Cison di Valmarino is a very interesting site and features very valuable canvas-paintings. There are also a series of mills here created long ago that were powered by hydraulic power from the flowing waters of the Rujo. In recent years, the town has been restoring these mills in its attempts to revive the artisan crafts. As a part of these initiatives, Cison also has an exhibition in August called  “Handcraft Live” (Artigianato Vivo) with beautiful cultural exhibits and performances.
Also worth a visit are the nearby villages: Tovena, Rolle, Gai, and Soller. Among the great sites in these villages, Tovena features a sloping path that winds through the countryside and finishes at Passo di San Boldo, a point where the two slopes of the Belluno Prealps meet. This path is perfect for tranquil strolls as it features a beautiful view over Val Belluna and the rest of the countryside.


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