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The name of this area originates from the Latin word cotognetum referring to the plants bearing apple-like fruits (cotogno) that border the nearby ancient Via Romana. Codognè was also the site of a Medieval Benedictine community, remains of which have resurfaced over time.
The town of Codognè is situated in an area with many streams running through it. These streams offer ideal locations for natural wildlife to live undisturbed among the clear and clear waters. The paths along these streams are perfect for day-trips to see the serene nature that is so well-preserved here.
The plains of this area have remained predominately agricultural to this day although the town underwent a strong push toward industrial and artisan interests, especially for the production of furniture. A number of industries has risen as a result and the most industrial area is now very concentrated in the part of Codognè known as Cimavilla.
info: Municipality of Codognè


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