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Colle Umberto
Colle Umberto lies on two hills at the foot of the Venetian Prealps, in the vicinity of Dolomiti. Located between Vittorio Veneto and Conegliano, it is easily traversable either by car or train (Station FS Conegliano). The enviable location of the landscape and its natural beauty make it a perfect place for day-trips to both site-see and taste the local foods and wines.
Inhabited since prehistory by the Paleovenete (Ancient Venetian) populations, they called it simply Coe (Veneto dialect for “hills”) because of its location on the foothills. The area maintained this name until 1867, when the King of Italy, Umberto I , visited the area and liked it so much that he added his name to it.
In addition to the sites on the main hills, there are also numerous historic sites of architectural significance, such as the oratories and villas, scattered throughout the town.
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