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Farra di Soligo
Farra di Soligo consists of the two neighbourhoods Col San Martino and Soligo. The territory, on a generally flat terrain, stems from the foot of the hills that lie to the west of the Soligo river.
The agriculture here has always been the principle resource for the people here, featuring such cultivations as fine wines like Prosecco and Verdiso.
In the period between World War I and World War II, Farra di Soligo also developed a following for the artisan and industrial fields, particularly in the field of clothing. There are now a lot of nearby producers of food, mechanics, textiles and furniture. One interesting centre for these fields is the “Latteria di Soligo”, founded in 1883, which produces, among other things, Soligo cheese.
The Church here is very noteworthy and is situated on very high ground, features a statue on the roof of the Madonna that looks over the countryside in the direction of the Vatican.
Info: Municipality of Farra di Soligo


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