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Follina is a small town situated on a verdant valley that is rich with forests, streams and lush vineyards.

This territory is steeped in history, featuring the noble dynasties of that helped make up the Republic of Venice. Signs of this Venetian past are still present throughout the area, including historic buildings, ancient places of worship and nature trails through the woods. This combination of history and nature makes Follina a great destination for visitors to spend a holiday.

Follina’s history is also closely tied with the Abbey of Santa Maria, made during the early-Medieval Benedictine period, as it served as an important town-centre for the people here. This Abbey was reportedly built on the site of the prehistoric settlement created here in approximately 120,000 BC and its original splendour is still intact, serving as a symbol for the local population of Follina’s strength throughout history.

Info: Municipality of Follina


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