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The name Fontanelle derives from the numerous natural hot springs (fonte in Italian) that are scattered through the area.
Thousands of years ago, this was a widely forested area, where oak trees had an undisputed reign on the hilly terrain. One testimony to this undisturbed nature is the immense oak tree here with a height of 18-metres (59 feet), found in 1952 in a mossy area toward Tempio (Palù di Lutrano) that experts predict to be over 400 years old.
The churches here present very interesting artistic aspects and you can admire several villas of the Venetian nobles. Some of the especially noteworthy sites are the Church of San Pietro, the Church of Lutrano and Villa Marcello, a beautiful villa that features a vast garden in the front that is scattered with 16th-century sculptures and is an archetypal example of a Venetian villa.
Info: Municipality of Fontanelle


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