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Fonte is a municipality in the province of Treviso with a population of 6,004 inhabitants. The name “Fonte” comes from the presence of spring-waters believed to be therapeutic in ancient times (fonte in Italian means “spring”).
Fonte is a particularly interesting place because of its rich history of historic events from the 11th and 13th centuries, during which time this area was inhabited and controlled by the once-powerful Ezzelini family.
It is a scattered municipality, which in fact lacks a defined capital and consists only of two neighbourhoods, Fonte Alto and Onè di Fonte. The church in Fonte Alto, dedicated to the high-priests Saint Pietro and Saint Paolo, is reachable by a 102-step staircase and features a beautiful painting by 18th century artist Canaletto on the ceiling.
In Onè di Fonte, the main sites include the Neo-Gothic styled church of the Virgin Mary of Monte Carmelo as well as several villas that now serve a variety of functions. These villas include Villa Badoer, currently the home of the nunnery of Maria Bambina, Villa Bacchis-Nervo, the 17th century Venetian-styled villa that is now a municipal building, and finally Villa Malombra-Bellotto.
Info: Municipality of Fonte


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