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Fregona is a cosy town situated at the foot of the Monte Pizzoc (altitude of 1565 metres), lying west of the Prealps in the Udine. The town consists of a series of 11 villages with a total population of 3,000 inhabitants. 
Fregona is well-known for several typical products, among which the Torchiato sticks out in particular, a strong wine made with a combination of several different types of wine-grapes (Prosecco, Boschera, Verdiso) that accompanies sweets and cheeses very well. One particularly well-known cheese here is the Imbriago, which is seasoned with zarpa (bunches of grapes that have already been squeezed). Other typical cheeses here are the Moesin, which is left to mature only for a short amount of time and is thus very soft, and the Montasio, which has a formal collaboration dedicated to monitoring its production.
Thanks to the unique terrain here, in a location between the hills and mountains, Fregona offers various outdoor activities. For those interested in automobiles, Fregona is known throughout Treviso as a capital for automobile aficionados, thanks mainly to the nearby Treviso Prealps Rally.
Info: Municipality of Fregona


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