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Godega di Sant'Urbano
The Municipality of Godega di Sant’Urbano is made up of its capital, Godega di Sant’Urbano, and the two districts of Bibano and Pianzano. Godega di Sant’Urbano is a dynamic, active town from the point of view of its productivity, agriculture, industry and craftsmanship.
‘I Bibanesi’ are a typical product from the area. These hand-formed pieces of bread, made with top-notch flour-types and precious olive oil, are produced according to a slow, long leavening process. Thanks to their appetizing scent and inviting flavor, they have become a favorite at dinner tables throughout the world.
The Ancient Fair of Godega is also a very important local initiative that occurs once a year during the first week of March. An event with millenary origins, it initially served as a livestock market. Today, it spotlights many other sectors as well, including craftsmanship, agricultural machinery, furniture and eco-construction. The fair is hosted in a large exhibition space which is used throughout the year for local events of various kinds including the town’s antiques fair, held on the third Sunday of every month, 10 times a year.
Several of the area’s civic buildings are worthy of mention including Pianzano’s Villa Amalteo – Luchesi, Villa Pera Riello, Palazzo Bolzan and Palazzo Marinotti. In Bibano, you’ll find the Villa Savorgnan, of which, only the barns remain standing.
Info: Municipality of Godega Sant'Urbano


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