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Gorgo al Monticano
Gorgo al Monticano is very rich in history, with interesting archaeological findings serving as testimony of the ancient Romans that once inhabited the land. To the ancient Romans, this land was known as “Gurgus molendinorum” because it was full (gurgus in Latin) of quickly flowing streams and rivers that the Romans used with their water mills (moleni in Latin).

The municipality of Gorgo al Monticano is divided into three areas. The area that serves as the capital of Gorgo al Monticano takes the same name and is home of the municipal government building. The entire municipality has a population of 2,810 inhabitants.

Located between the towns Motta di Livenza and Oderzo, Gorgo al Monticano develops mainly along the Superstrada 53 – “Postumia”. This road is an important route of communication that connects Treviso to eastern Veneto. Noteworthy sites in the area include the Church of Navole, the Parish of Cavalier, the Chiesa Capoluogo and the forest of Cavalier.

Info: Municipality of Gorgo al Monticano


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