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The original name of Mansuè derives from the Ancient Roman location “Mansio”, a rest-stop between three nearby Roman roads that later became an agricultural centre for the Templar Knights. The Templar Knights also used Mansuè as an important transit location between the two locations of Tempio (Ormelle) and San Giovanni del Tempio (Sacile).
After the Venetian Republic reclaimed Mansuè in the 14th century, the town then entered into a period of economic growth as the Venetians also used the area as a crucial location for commerce. As a result of the Venetian presence here, there are still several Venetian villas in the part of Mansuè known as Basalghelle.
The parish church in Mansuè, under the clerical district of Vittorio Veneto, is dedicated to St. Mansueto. This church was built in the 18th century with a large tower attached to it and features a brightly decorated interior with gorgeous frescoes above the front-altar.
Info: Municipality of Mansuè


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