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Mareno di Piave
Apart from a few ancient findings here dating back to Ancient Rome, the detailed history of Mareno di Piave mainly concentrates in the time since the Middle Ages.
In the year 1009, for instance, a hospice was founded next to the Church of Santa Maria di Piave. The structure, situated on the Via Ungheresca, was a place where pilgrims and farmers could rest on their way to the places of worship. During the period of the Benedictine monks, a number of other structures were also built here, including the Church of Soffratta built in 1306.
For the rest of the Middle Ages, Mareno di Piave mainly followed the politics of the Venetian Republic, after it gained control of the entire area in 1388. The VenetianRepublic maintained control of the entire area until the invasions of Napoleon in 1797, which also caused the fall of the entire Republic.
The oratory of the Villa Santa Eurosia features the tomb of a Venetian Doge, Francesco Donà dalle Rose (serving as Doge 1545-1553), the only Doge to be buried outside of Venice. Equally impressive is the Villa Montalban Balbi Valier, today known as Villa Paoletti, which is located near Mareno’s border with the town Monticano.
Info: Municipality of Mareno di Piave


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