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Maserada sul Piave
Maserada sprung from stable settlements that probably existed as far back as the first few centuries BC in the alluvial plain located between the Roman road, ‘Via Postumia’ and the Piave River. The area’s history and landscape is deeply linked to events surrounding this ancient road and water-way.
Several villages cropped up during the late Imperial Age, where the ‘Via Postumia’ meets the Piave. These settlements allowed travelers and marching militia the opportunity to break up their journey and rest before crossing the river.
The locality’s name is said to derive from the terms ‘Macerata’ or ‘Maceriata’ which imply that ample rubble characterized the setting. Throughout history, this territory was often ravaged by flooding that dispersed pebbles all over the territory. With the land reclamation process, these materials were gathered and placed in ditches lying at the border of cultivated lands.

Info:Municipality of Maserada


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