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Miane was a center of substantial importance during the Roman Republic, thanks to its location along the ‘Claudia Augusta’, a large road used for communication, which crossed the Praderarego Pass, above Follina.
This capital includes three large villages (Visnà, Vergoman and Miane itself) and it stretches throughout a green, hilly valley located at the foot of the Pre-alps. Dotted with stables, farm houses and haylofts, the area’s landscape bears witness to the people of Miane’s most ancient occupations: pasture, sheep farming, livestock breeding and agriculture. 
Despite progress and industrialization, Miane and its districts have preserved the typical rural look of its traditional stone houses and cottages. You’ll find several ancient chapels throughout the area, including the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine and the B.V. Addolorata (dedicated to the Pained Virgin). These churches are enhanced by precious works of art and nearby ancient aristocratic manors. 
The municipality boasts myriad tours spotlighting the area’s natural treasures and hilly landscape. Full of wild vegetation and chestnut groves, its cultivated areas are primarily characterized by their vineyards. Visitors will be especially interested in Combai’s Chestnut Festival, held in October. During a stroll throughout this small district, you’ll have the chance to appreciate the beauty of local buildings.
Info: Municipality of Miane


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