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Mogliano Veneto
Situated on the southern side of the Province of Treviso, Mogliano Veneto’s entire territory is water-rich during all seasons. Mogliano is a city characterized by its recent urban development and it does not boast an artistically significant city center. Nonetheless, it does have several interesting sights including the Arch-priest Church of Santa Maria Assunta with its annexing abbey, which represents the city’s most distinguished example of civic and religious architecture.
Visitors are sure to appreciate the Benedictine abbey and its ‘brolo’, or vegetable gardens and fruit groves that were originally connected to the monastery and later, the parish.
Called ‘Del Brolo’, the above-mentioned area currently serves as an exhibition center. It includes an ‘Urban Center’ which provides a space for shows spotlighting the city’s commemorative cultural events. Meanwhile, a second area within the complex hosts important temporary exhibits.
Info: Municipality of Mogliano Veneto


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