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Monastier di Treviso
Historically speaking, you’ll find two interesting original settlements located within Monastier’s municipal territory: the Pirense Port and the town’s Abbey, which was originally dedicated to Saint Peter before being named for Santa Maria del Pero (Saint Mary of the Pear Tree). The Benedictines built this abbey near the port, in a position dictated by German Emperor Ottone I in 958 AC.
The territory hosts numerous noteworthy monuments, including its Benedictine Monastery with the ruins of the S. Maria del Pero Abbey. It is also home to an abbey-church commemorating the Ascended Virgin as well as Pralongo’s church, dedicated to the Black Virgin. This sanctuary has been a mecca for pilgrims for time immemorial.
During World War I, Monastier dramatically participated in bellicose events, playing a significant role in the ‘Battle of the Solstice’ in June 1918. The famous writer Ernest Hemingway, who managed the area’s headquarters of the American Red Cross, masterfully recounted these events in his narratives.
Info: Municipality of Monastier


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