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The origin of the name Morgano is generally unknown and thus left up to the local poets to explain with popularly passed-down legends. One of these legends tells of a young girl named Murgania of such great beauty that she was worshipped as an incarnation of Venus and whose followers erected a temple in her name: this location was named Morgano.
The first signs of settlements in Morgano show that the town was a religious centre with the fact that, already by the 12th century, it was well-known in nearby towns for its religious sites. In fact, uncovered artefacts show that several centuries before the year 1000, there had already been numerous places of worship dedicated to Saint Martino scattered throughout the town.
Morgano is another town involved in the Regional Park of the Sile River, which aims to safeguard the wellbeing of this river that is so important to all of Italy. One particularly beautiful site to visit here is the Rotonda di Badoere, a particularly grand structure composed of two large, semi-circle barchesses located 300 metres west of the manor house that was destroyed in a 1920 peasant uproar. One of the most famous barchesses in the Veneto region, it is so unique because of its enormous size as well because of its incredibly functional layout. One of the semicircles is composed of a series of workshops while the other semicircle features a series of dwellings, with the large square in the middle serving as a market.
Info: Municipality of Morgano


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