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Moriago della Battaglia
A municipality situated in the Quartier del Piave plain, Moriago della Battaglia includes the district of Mosnigo and the town of Nosledo. Moriago owes its attribution to World War I and, specifically, to the penetration of enemy lines which occurred on the Isola dei Morti (Island of the Dead) in October 1918.
Moriago’s territory was inhabited for centuries by various populations including the Romans and the Francs (who established the cult of San Leonardo). It was also settled by Carmine feudatories who built the tower that can still be seen today in front of the town’s Parish Church. Later, the land was reclaimed by the Vidor monks.
Visitors to the municipality won’t want to miss several historically important sights such as the Church of San Leonardo, Palazzo Battaglia and the Isola dei Morti, located near the pebbly banks of the Piave River. Other must-see sights include the Church of San Martino and the Contrada Francia district in Mosnigo which hosts the ‘Old Trades Festival’ at the end of June. From an economic point of view, the Municipality of Moriago has always had a vocation that’s linked to agriculture. At the end of July each year, it hosts a food festival dedicated to the potato. Over the last few decades, the area has experienced noteworthy developments in the wood and wicker industries.
In the post-war period, it was one of the municipalities of Quartier del Piave that was hit the hardest by the immigration phenomenon and for this reason, it hosts the first monument in Italy dedicated to emigrant women.
Info: Municipality of Moriago della Battaglia


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