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Motta di Livenza
Motta di Livenza

 Both a commercial and industrial centre, Motta di Livenza was settled around the year 1000 and developed as a port along the Livenza river during Medieval times. The Venetian Republic used Motta di Livenza especially as a centre for the republic's commerce, constructing a shipyard for river boats to come and go for trade.

Motta di Livenza is organized into two areas. The first of these lies around the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli, built in 1510 by the friars in the location where the Virgin Mary once made a miraculous appearance to a shepherd. The interior decorations of the Sanctuary's three naves were done by famous artists from various periods and cities, among the most famous of whom are Palma il Giovane and Andrea Sansovino. The nearby School of Pordenone also features great example of Venetian art with a fresco of a triumphal arch.

The second and more ancient nucleus of this town is centered around its cathedral (Duomo) from the 16th and 17th centuries. The interior of this elegant structure is decorated with works by famous Venetian artists from that time: Pomponio Amalteo and Leandro Bassano's works on the right-hand wall and Giambettino Cignaroli to the left. The path to the north of the town is also striking and allows you to walk all the way up the Livenza river to the Friuli region's border.

Info: Municipality of Motta di Livenza


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