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Inhabited since the times of the Ancient Romans, as shown by roads and various archaeological remnants, Ormelle lies between the various territories on the left side of the Piave river.
The origins of Ormelle's name would seem to naturally derive from the word mele (Italian for “apples”), which were grown in the woodlands that once covered the town. However, the derivative for the original name Olmelle is in fact from the Italian word olmo (elm), which eventually changed to Ormelle. 
The area of Ormelle known as Tempio, instead, definitely honors the ancient mansion built there by the Templar Knights. The Church of the Templars, another great nearby structure, is believed to have been constructed in the 12th by the Templars as they spread religion through their numerous territories.
The presence of a navigable river (the Lia) and two nearby important roads (Via Postumia and Via Opitergium Tridentum) made this town an easy place for farmers to make their homes since they could be close to their fields while also having roads to larger cities nearby. As a result, the church of Ormelle became an important point of reference for the farmers going to or coming from bigger cities. By building the church on the path of one of the most ancient Roman roads, the Templars created a centre for trade and religion alike.
Source: Municipality of Ormelle


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