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Paderno del Grappa
The gracious town of Paderno del Grappa distinguishes itself, not only with the elegant Highpriest Church (Chiesa Arcipretale) and the ancient Church of St. Andrea, but also with the sumptuous Villa Fietta, formerly the villa of several Venetian counts and now an educational institute.
The historic origins of Paderno del Grappa are so ancient that many sources cite it as one of the first human settlements in Europe in the prehistoric age, around 7,000 years ago. Several millennia later this area was inhabited by the Ancient Venetians (Paleoveneti) and subsequently ruled by the Ancient Romans.
For many centuries the region of Paderno unfortunately underwent a long period of poverty and famines. These hard times for Paderno ended several centuries ago when the resilient inhabitants began producing and selling many items and materials made from wool, thus saving the area's economy and well-being. Thanks to these economic changes, the economy of Paderno del Grappa is still strong and has stayed that way even after parts of the town were destroyed during World War I.
Info: Municipality of Paderno del Grappa


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