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Pieve di Soligo
 Because of its convenient geographical position, Pieve di Soligo is called the “Pearl of the Piave”. The various neighbourhoods of Pieve di Soligo offer beautiful landscapes and architecture, even despite the destruction of parts of the area during World War I. The banks of the Soligo river make for perfect paths for taking a relaxing walk or bike trip to see the landscape as well as the history of the area.

The centre of Pieve di Soligo is characterized by the presence of several interesting buildings: the 17th century Villa Chisini-Daiotti is a distinctive structure as is the Palazzo of Ciassi and Morona, with its baroque church of the Madonna del Carmine. The 19th-century Palazzo Balbo Valier and adjacent Borgo Stolfi are also both great examples of the Venetian architecture here.

Maria Antonietta Menghel, the famous Italian soprano better known by her stage name Toti dal Monte, is an honorary citizen of Pieve for her excellent musical talent. Another famous local is Andrea Zanzotto, one of the most important poets of his time and the author of works that are now fundamental in the survey of 19th-century literature.

Info: Municipality of Pieve di Soligo

Photo: La Marca del 2000 – Galifi


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