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Ponte di Piave
Once a very active Roman settlement along the nearby Via Postumia, Ponte di Piave grew with the advent of Christianity. Ponte di Piave includes four parts, Negrisia, Levada, Busco and San Nicolo, for a total population of around 8,200 inhabitants.
Today the best sites to see in Ponte di Piave include such sites as the “Casa di Cultura” (Cultural Centre) of Goffredo Parise. This author, Goffredo Parise, donated his house to the town in order to create an active cultural centre for the people and the centre now includes a vast archive of literature and various documents, including authentic articles written by Parise as well as rare editions of his books. There is also the church Oratory of Sorrows of Borgo Sottotreviso (Oratorio dell'Addolorata di Borgo Sottotreviso) from the 15th century as well as the important Church of San Bonfiacio of Levada that dates back all the way to the 11th century. The Church of Saint Nicholas is another exquisitely built work, erected in the 17th century after the return of the Benedictines.
For those interested especially in nature, we suggest a tranquil stroll along the Via Argine, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the woods and clear, flowing waters if Negrisia. You can also decide to take a bike ride along the paths of the floodplain of the Piave all the way to the Botanical Garden, an ideal spot for a picnic, or hopefully to take an outing along the pebbly shores with the ancient trees and interesting birds.
Info: Municipality of Ponte di Piave


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