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Ponzano Veneto
Situated about ten kilometers north of Treviso, the capital, the three towns of Ponzano Veneto, Paderno and Merlengo have been part of the Municipality of Ponzano Veneto since 1807. Rooted in ancient times, their origins are linked to the ‘Postumia’, a Roman consular road created in the II century BC. It was once used to connect Aquileia and Corcordia to Genoa. The towns were founded on land that had been set aside for creating garrisons in the fertile region of ‘Municipium Tarvisium’.
The municipality of Ponzano Veneto is characterized by myriad noteworthy buildings. In fact, there are at least 14 villas and small palaces in the area. Visitors should note that Ponzano Veneto hosts an outstanding itinerary featuring Veneto villas built between the 1500s and the 1700s. Several of these are open to the public at various times during the year.
The municipality’s parish churches bear witness to Ponzano Veneto’s interesting history. The Church of Merlengo, dedicated to San Bartolomeo, hosts an altar piece depicting Sant’Osvaldo, painted by Giovan Domenico Tiepolo, the son of Giovanni Battista. Inside, you’ll also find two marble heads of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, attributed to Canova’s master, Giuseppe Bernardi, also known as ‘il Torretti’.
Ponzano Veneto is renowned throughout the world as the birthplace of industrial giant ‘Benetton’ which still has its management headquarters here today. Many other important companies have also made their headquarters in the area; the municipality’s most prominent business sectors include iron metallurgy, mechanics, agricultural industry, wood-working and clothing.
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