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The town of Refrontolo is located on a hill overlooking the Piave River, among the Prosecco vineyards of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene hills.
The area is famous for the production of the wine Marzemino, known to the locals as Refrontolo Passito D.O.C.. The land of Refrontolo stretches between the succession of vineyards along the valley of Crevada, where there are great paths through the landscapes. With its earth that is perfect for cultivating cooking ingredients and vineyards alike, Refrontolo offers visitors a great selection of places to eat at the cottages (where you can eat the offerings of particular nearby farms), rustic taverns and restaurants.
One particularly interesting site here is the Molinetto della Croda, an ancient mill that helps to utilize the flowing waters of the Lierza, the main tributary of the Soligo. The Molinetto lies at the foot of a 12-metre tall waterfall, where you can visit the factory there with its characteristic grinding mill as well as the various floors of the building once used as housing for the mill-workers. Another great site here is the Church of Santa Margherita, which conserves an altarpiece by the 16th-century painter Paris Bordone.
Info: Municipality of Refrontolo
Photo: La Marca del 2000 - Galifi


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