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The historical origins of Resana date back primarily to the Ancient Venetian populations (Paleoveneti). “Le Motte”, small war-trenches that are still intact today, are an important historical site where farmers found large fragments of ceramic materials dating back to pre-Roman times. These trenches as well as remains found in neighbouring towns all show signs of Paleoventi settlements from up to the 7th century BC.
The architecture here in Resana is also quite noteworthy and the town is still home to many villas and places of worship that were built centuries ago. These architectural sites include Casa Morosini, Villa di Broglio, Casa Marta and Villa Barea-Toscan. There are also plenty of rustic countryside houses spread throughout the territory, many of which still conserve their original architectural structures and thus serve as testimonies of the Venetian farming community and culture.
Source: Municipality of Resana


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