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Revine Lago
The uncovering of several flints and clay materials in the bog of Colmaggiore make up the documentation of the ancient presence of a Palafitticolo village here in present day Revine Lago. This settlement dates back all the way to between the Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC) and is commonly cited as one of the earliest civilizations in the Italian peninsula.
The historic centre of Revine Lago stems from the southern foothills of the Venetian Prealps. Among the buildings there, the 17th-century Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paolo (1700) and the Castle of Mount Frascone (13th century) stick out in particular.
The sacred artworks here representing Christ's life are especially noteworthy and feature depictions of the Passion of Christ as well as of the Nativity. The Via Crucis leads through the city all the way to the church of San Francesco da Paolo, passing through twelve characteristic arches.
In the town of Lago, there still exist the characteristic stone houses that still live on thanks to the exhibit “Ancient Arts and Trades”. This exhibit has helped the town with the upkeep of the peasant and artisan tradition by organizing events that pass on the local traditions to others, promote typical products and highlight the historical riches of this area.
Info: Municipality of Revine Lago


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