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Riese Pio X
 Riese Pio X lies in the middle of the path between Castefranco Veneto and Asolo, in the highest part of the Venetian plain. Looked over by the peak of Monte Grappa, this territory is physically divided in two parts.. While the eastern side features a reddish terrain and the area to the West is composed of wetter earth because of the Muson river’s floodplains, both parts consistently yield opulent harvests and help define Riese Pio X as a distinctively agricultural community.

This area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, as shown by the tombs and remains in the western village of Vallà.

Among the famous figures who were born in Riese, the most important is Giuseppe Melchiore Sarto. Born and raised in Riese before eventually becoming Pope Pio X and a saint of the Catholic Church, the locals praise this Riese native in particular.

Pope Pio X and his family have also generously given back to their hometown. The former home of Pio X was donated to the town in 1926 and still preserves the household furnishings of the Sarto family. On the southern side of the family’s estate there is the Museum of Pio X, built in 1935 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Pio X's birth, which houses even more of his personal memorabilia. The complex comprising the home and museum was restored in 1985 and is visited every year by around 10,000 people. 

Source: Municipality of Riese Pio X


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