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Thanks to its vastness, the majority of Roncade’s territory continues to be rural. The far-reaching views of its sweeping expanses are interrupted only by a sprinkling of brightly-painted farm houses. A lovely fluvial setting dotted with parks and villas stretch along the Sile da Musestre until reaching the Venetian lagoon. Nestled in the typically rustic landscape of Cà Tron, on the municipality’s southeastern border, this unique oasis of tranquility offers the chance to admire a beautiful little lake surrounded by century-old plants whose essences are virtually extinct. In the park, you’ll also find an ancient ice-box, carved from the walls of a cave.
The Musestre, a river of rare beauty, crosses the urban settlements of Biancade, Roncade, S. Cipriano and Musestre. As in by-gone times, the river today remains its true leading motive that links hamlet to hamlet and villa to villa thanks to the clear, rushing flow of its current and the lush greenery of its vegetation. It is the perfect place to enjoy the area’s irreplaceable ancient landscape that never fails impress with its constantly renewed grandeur.
A rare example of a sixteenth century noble settlement, the Giustiniani Villa is also called ‘Castello’ or ‘castle’ because of its walls and embattled towers. This structure is the precursor of the Veneto Villa Phenomenon, which began thanks to Palladio. The complex is made up of a noble tripartite palace, built on two levels. It boasts a central portico and overlying open gallery in the front. Along each side, you’ll find two long barns that delimit the garden. The entire complex is surrounded by tall embattled walls with corner towers. On the outside, the structure is protected by a large moat fed by the nearby Musestre River.
Info: Municipality of Roncade


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