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The name for Salgareda derives from the word salghèr in Veneto dialect, meaning “willow”, the type of tree found all around the river, countryside and valleys nearby. Settlement here dates back to ancient origins, all the way back to the 2000-1000 BC. In fact there are even numerous engraved stones in Campodipietra, especially in an area known as “Paradiso”, that suggest that the area may have been inhabited in prehistoric times. With all of the tributaries from the Piave located throughout the town’s centre and forests alike, it is easy to understand why this area would have been an ideal location for building a settlement.
Starting in the end of the 17th century, the countryside of Salgareda became a popular location for Venetian noble families to construct their homes. Among these homes is most notably the Villa Giustinian, where the famous Venetian painter Gabriel Bella once stayed in the 1700's. It was here that he created the magnificent “Scenes of Venetian Life”, now on display in the art gallery Querini di Venezia.
Source: Municipality of Salgareda


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