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San Fior
Cited for the first time in a document that dates back to the year 1074, the name ‘San Fior’ is thought to be linked to the Municipality of Treviso and its influence. Around the year 1000, Treviso is said to have forced the territory’s inhabitants to name their towns after the dioceses’ patron saints: San Fiorenzo and San Vendemiale (Saint Vendemiano). Once it overcame the tragic events surrounding World War I and World War II, San Fior became the protagonist of a period of profound economic and social transformation. Located at the in the foothills, this area changed its appearance following the creation of its mechanical and metal-mechanical industries. The commerce of meat, textiles and confections also became prevalent throughout the territory.Over the last few years, the municipality has morphed into a florid center whose far-reaching activities have spurred ample development, including economic expansion and significant cultural growth thanks to many restoration projects and initiatives spotlighting culture. Visitors to the area should be sure to visit the churches of Castello Roganzuolo, ‘San Fior, capitale’ and ‘San Fior di sotto.’Info: Municipality of  San Fior


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