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San Pietro di Feletto
San Pietro di Feletto is located in the Veneto foothills, along the ridge of hills that stretch north toward Conegliano. The name Feletto derives from the Latin word filix for “fern”. The landscape of this area lives up to this namesake as there are plenty of such plants throughout the forests nearby. As is typical of the Veneto region, there are also a lot of vineyards and olive trees in this area.
This territory started as a Christian settlement around the 5th century, when the church San Pietro Apostolo was built. In addition to Feletto, this Christian clerical district extended all the way to the towns Formeniga, Collalbrigo and Refrontolo, where many Christian churches were built.
In more recent years, the town became the presence of the Camaldolo Hermitage in the area known as Rua di Feletto. The hermitage, built in the late-17th century, is now a municipal building for the local government and features several rooms with walls covered in gorgeous frescoes.
Info: Municipality of San Pietro di Feletto


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