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San Zenone degli Ezzelini
San Zenone degli Ezzelini, comprising the valleys and flatlands between the surrounding hills, has been inhabited since ancient times, as attested by the numerous archaeological findings here.
After receiving the territory of San Zenone from the bishops of Treviso in the late-12th century, the monk Ezzelino da Romano passed it on to his brother, Ezzelino III, in 1223. Eventually known as “Ezzelino the Tyrant”, Ezzelino III’s politics focused entirely on expanding his rule as far as possible and, as a result, he was eventually killed in battle in 1259. Ezzelino the Tyrant’s once-great castle was subsequently reduced to rubble and there now only remains a single tower from the original structure, serving as a symbol of the area’s past.
Near the tower lies a 19th-century Sanctuary of the Madonna of Monte (better known as the “Red Church”), which uses the nearby hills as an enchanting background. The parish church of San Zenone features incredible works of art including an altarpiece by Jacopo da Ponte, statues by the local sculptor Francesco Rebesco and frescoes by the painter Noè Bordignon.
The architectural heritage of San Zenone can be seen in the 16th-century Villa Tedesco as well as in Villa Vignola, which was renovated in the 18th century as Villa Rovero. There is also an incredible view of the 18th-century Villa Rubelli to be seen from the area known as Sopracastello.  
Source: Municipality of San Zenone degli Ezzelini


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