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Numerous archeological remains bear fitness to the fact that Sarmede, a town with ancient origins, was inhabited as far back as the Bronze Age. Ample settlements have also been attributed to the Roman era. The town gets its name from the ‘Sarmati’, a term used by the Romans to identify this population of Barbarian stock.
During the First World War, the town was invaded by Austrian-Germanic troops. It became an active center of the Resistance during World War II.
The Municipality of Sarmede’s morphology is quite varied. In fact, its plains stretch toward a more mountainous environment characterized by interesting karstic phenomenon. Additionally, the area boasts a wide variety of crops and natural flora, especially in the hill and mountain areas whose fields, vineyards, tree plantations (chestnut, dogwood, oak, carpino trees etc.) give way to broadleaved forests, pinewoods and clearings where one can admire the rural mountain pasture land.
The Municipality is renowned, both nationally and internationally, for its ‘Illustration for Children Fair’, an annual international exhibition-style event which brings Sarmede large amounts of tourists in November to December. Tourists also flock to the area throughout the rest of the year to participate in its packed program calendar of initiatives linked to the above-mentioned event, such as illustration courses for teachers and amateurs.

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