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The town’s territory is characterized by a series of hills which dot the landscape either in groups or alone, dividing these green fertile valleys, in juxtaposition with the bare, craggy landscape found elsewhere. The Valsana valley borders the Municipality of Revine Lago, playing host to two communicating rivers. At one time, they were joined and far wider, as one can imagine when observing their deep bogs, which are the source of the Soligo River.
The territory offers numerous options for those intent on seeing the sights. Immersed in a splendid natural setting, this area boasts a wonderful climate that’s cool in summer and temperate during the wintertime. An extremely pleasant vacation spot, it’s ideal for weekend mini-breaks. The area’s trails are well-groomed and easy to follow—perfect for hikers and those who wish to experience the landscape by mountain bike. Expect outstanding views and forests filled with fascinating flora and fauna. If you are looking for a little rest and relaxation or would like to admire the municipality’s cultural treasures, you won’t be disappointed! Foodies are sure to delight in sampling some of the area’s top-notch restaurants. The ancient castles that dot local summits are still remembered in many of the territory’s location names. In Tarzo, don’t miss viewing the town’s lovely octagonal fountain; thanks to a recent restoration, visitors can enjoy a glimpse of its original splendor. 
Info. Municipality of Tarzo
Photo: Municipality of Tarzo


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