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Volpago del Montello
Historically, the name Volpago signified a “town of red land” and the terrain here clearly confirms this.
Under the control of the Venetian Republic, Volpago was a very important agricultural centre, with vast fields of corn, as well as  a population location noble families to build villas in. In 1870, the powerful Gobbato family helped to support Volpago’s industrial development by building textile mills and centres for silkworms. These silkworm breeding-centres eventually helped make Volpago a globally important centre for silk-production. The town rapidly became an important centre for the clothing industry (above all for shoe-making) and also a top headquarters for various industries.
This town features numerous countryside restaurants or trattorias (small, rustic-styled Italian restaurants) that are perfect for enjoying the local food and wine. The architectural and artistic sites here are also worth visiting and include the 15th century Villa Priuli-Barea and the 16th century Barcessa of Ca' Marcello, a church which houses a frescoes displaying the life of Moses painted by Guardi, Tintoretto and Paolo Veneziano.
Source: Municipality of Valpago del Montello
Photo: FAST – Foto Archivo Storico Trevigiano


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