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Magic Montello
A place of peace and old memories, Montello can also prove to be a place full of mysteries.
You can come across fairies, devils and spirits going over it without reliable guides.
The devil wanders there wrapped in a red cloak but there are also the Fade Bone, the good fairies that warm and nourish with honey the girls that the Massariol, a dwarfish joking spirit, causes to get lost if they imprudently get in his invisible tracks.
Montello still preserves el Buso de le Fade (the fairies’ hole), a cavern in which girls dressed in white, who are very beautiful but have goat-like feet, were perpetually washed by a spring. At Crocetta del Montello, the Buoro Cave instead had a spring able to give milk back to mothers that didn’t succeed in feeding anymore. From the Buoro delle Anguane, instead, there appear laundress nymphs that go to the brooks to wash clothes stained from old misdemeanours committed by men. In the Venegazzù area there is a precipice from which – it is said – at one time after hasty trials women suspected of being witches were thrown down, while at Santi Angeli once some cherubs came down, in the same heaths where ogres and gnomes were at home. Perhaps these very gnomes helped Monsignor Giovanni della Casa to write the famous Etiquette at Nervesa abbey.

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