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Museums of Montello and Colli Asolani
The Montello Hill and Asolano Hills area has a lot of museums on particular themes like the Italian type face museum in Cornuda, the only one in Italy, or the Foundation of the Boot and Sporting Footwear at Montebelluna.
Linked to the historical and naturalistic traces of the territory is the Montebelluna Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, where interesting exhibitions are always held, and the “Earth and man” Civic Museum of Natural History at Crocetta del Montello. Asolo has a Civic Museum with sections also devoted to Elenora Duse and Caterina Cornaro and a picture gallery.
Historical marks of the territory can be found at the visitable Rocca di Asolo and the Maglio di Pagnano, in addition to the Crocetta del Montello Museum of the Twentieth Century and the Great War where we can find traces of the battles of the Great War.

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